My Father’s Beauty Secret

Do you want firm, young skin, especially around the face and neck?  Today, I’m going to share with you my father’s BEAUTY SECRET!  I’m not guaranteeing anything, but the results are amazing, so I recommend you try it.   

Every morning, my father exercised in our yard, visible to anyone.  He practiced tai qi.  But before he practiced tai qi, he exercised his entire face.  

  • If you’re ready to begin, stand still and begin moving all of your facial muscles  – your mouth, cheeks, forehead and jaw – to the right, to the left, up and down and basically all around.  Don’t hold back.  Remember, the whole point is to exercise every single muscle in your face.  
  • Simultaneously, begin blinking your eyes.  
  • Once you have a good rhythm going, your lips should be moving in and out (imagine a fish) but with the entire jaw moving around (mine moves to the right, clockwise).  It’s ok if the mouth movements are a bit jerky.  Your nose should also naturally scrunch up and down.  The jaw movement will also exercise the muscles in your neck.
  • Continue doing this for several minutes.  
  • To end the exercise, clack your teeth together (but gently) at least 20 times with your entire face still in motion.  This will have the effect of you looking like you’re smiling and then not smiling, smiling, not smiling, with all teeth bared when smiling.  (When I asked my father why he had to do this, he said this part had the added plus of making your teeth stronger.) 

Now, I admit, this looks a bit odd, and for those of you who have children or pets, you may want to remove them from the premises so as not to scare them.  But forget about how you look for about 5 minutes a day, and you’ll end up looking great. Honestly, my father’s skin is still nice and tight, and he’s in his eighties.  It’s true he also has very strong teeth, and they’re all his own.  

Ladies, if you practice this regularly, you can forget about many of your expensive facial creams.  All jokes aside, you’ll not only look great, you’ll also end up saving a ton of money. 

5 thoughts on “My Father’s Beauty Secret

    • Lol, Andelieya, I don’t know if there is a video on YouTube for this exercise (I haven’t looked). The point is to exercise all your facial muscles, the eyes, jaw, cheeks, and forehead, moving them all around. There’s really no “right” way to do this, I think. When I do it, from the outside, I look a bit like Charlie Chaplin from the neck up. The forehead basically just moves up and down. Keep blinking the eyes. The rest is about moving your mouth (lips will go in and out) and jaw in all directions and sometimes bring your teeth together. You will know when you realize that all the facial muscles are being exercised.

      • Another exercise I know of is saying out loud the vowels (a, e, i, o, u) and in doing so over-emphasizing the movements of the jaw/mouth/lips/cheeks (by opening wide and stretching), the eyes (by staring and squinting), and the brows (by lowering, raising, frowning). All the parts of the face will be naturally moved around as described above by the facial muscles involved in saying the vowels. The key is over-emphasizing and really tensing and releasing the facial muscles when saying the vowels.

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